Caribbean International Film Fest 2022

Caribbean Pop-Up Cinema’s inaugural Caribbean International Film Fest took place September 17 – 29, 2022 in the West Midlands! CIFF is the only UK Festival showcasing the very best in contemporary Caribbean Films.

#CIFF2022 was made possible with support from Film Hub Midlands through funds from the National Lottery.

CIFF 2022 Films

Playing Mas – Miquel Galofre (Trinidad And Tobago)
J’ouvert – Iantha Richardson (USA)
Asunder – Janet Marrett (UK)
Fab 4 And The Silent Retreat – Diane De La Haye (Jamaica)
My Antenna – Rob Ball (UK)
The Challengers – Rhonda Chan Soo (Trinidad And Tobago)
Uncle – Michelle Jones (UK)
They Thought I Was Mad – André Alleyne (Barbados)
Bantú Mama – Clarisse Albrecht (Dominican Republic)
Hard To Reach – Darryl Foster (UK)
Details To Follow – Michael P. Spencer (UK)
Hit Me With Music – Miquel Galofre (Trinidad And Tobago)
Sorrow’s Kitchen – Ryan Wilfred (Barbados)
The Mistress – Nicola Gregory (UK)
Salted – Omar Kuwas (Curaçao)
The Last Fishpot – Neal Hope (Barbados/Canada)
“A Better Tomorrow” – Mark Loquan (Trinidad And Tobago)
25 Frames – Lunise Cerin (USA/Haiti)
Cannabis Culture – Prism Multimedia Inc (Barbados)
Hair Truth – Jamal Weekes (Barbados)
I Don’t Call It Ghetto’ – Miquel Galofre (Trinidad And Tobago)
Pickney – Michael Jenkins (UK)
The 1979 La Soufrière Eruption – Johann Medford, Arnaldo James, Nadia Huggins (Trinidad And Tobago)
Little Moko – Miquel Galofre (Trinidad And Tobago)
Bulado – Eché Janga (Curaçao)

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Sorrow’s Kitchen, 2021 (dir. Ryan Wilfred)

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